Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thomas LeGault

As I promised from an earlier post, Miss Michigan 2008, more from the Women's Expo. There are just booths after booths, aisle after aisle. So much to see, to learn, to do, and try to win!

There was a fabulous painter there from Plymouth Michigan. He would just stand there hour after hour painting. All day! To buy one of his paintings, you must be there at the right time. They are sold the minute he is done with them. I found one article about him.

Man Creates Art For Cracker Barrel Candy

Thomas was a delight to talk with. He shared his experiences and where some of his inspiration comes from. He mentioned that he does mainly art fairs, shows etc. If you get a chance, take the time to catch him at one. He did mention Lansing Art Fair and Holland Tulip Time Festival. I would check the art fairs and various festivals that are happening so often in the Spring and Summer here in Michigan and surrounding states.

See the picture in the center, with the light house? That will proudly be hanging on my wall! This photo does not do it justice though. An original, signed painting by Thomas LeGault!!

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  1. Oh my god, those painting are awesome and you have captured their beauty skillfully in your images. It always leaves a nice feeling behind to showcase talented artists like this.

  2. T and S, the pics do not do the painting justice. It doesn't show the texture and shades as well. If you can catch him at a show it is well worth it.

  3. I can see why you want that lighthouse! Wow that is a beauty.

  4. Wow he is brillant isn't he, I would be so amazed to wath him paint and the light house one that you have is fabulous!!

  5. Tom- has such a wonderful amazing gift. We are proud of you Tom! We will have to catch up soon.

    Phyllis and Joe Scripsick


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